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make it count

Here you are, a one-of-a-kind, frequently astonishing person, armed with a lifetime's worth of stories. Bold enough to approach the starting line; somewhat bewildered by how difficult it is to run the race. ​    


In the Writers' section, you'll find advice, suggestions and lots of stuff that's of no use at all. Take what's useful and just like AI, write your own story with it.​​​​

Design Book

​I always remember talking to a guy who'd written two novels. He'd never shown them to anyone, I think they mattered too much to have someone tell him they were no good.


I spoke to him the day before he died and he said that he wished he'd had them published. It broke my heart. I never wanted that to happen to anyone again. ​​​

What sort of stuff?

Humans are mostly water, oxygen and shortcuts. When we read, we’re running ahead of ourselves, which is why we can read so quickly. And why editing is so important.

Putting together an agency submission is an exhausting process. The cover letter alone is a whole arena of self-doubt. Most of the time it feels like you’re jumping through a set of hoops meant for someone else.

It all starts off so simple. 'I think I might need a website...' Then people start saying things like: "Users have different reasons for visiting a site but the destination is always the same."

The cover of a book as a critical part of an unspoken interaction between the author and the reader.

Every project is made up of two parts: all the things you have to do and all the things you didn't realise you have to do

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