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Endless Journey

What do I do now?

Every project is made up of two parts: all the things you have to do and all the things you didn't realise you have to do 

Dragged down by rejection letters?

Finding the synopsis harder than the novel?

Worried about social media?

It's a sobering moment when you realise that those long, soul destroying months of writing the book were the fun part. I dallied in the garden of editing for quite a while. Version 8, 9, 10. Final version. Final, final version. This version. This version, new. And yeah, redrafting is a vital part of getting a script ready. It's also a great place to hide in. My book was ready to take the next step quite a while before I was.

The questions of what to do next bundled into me like a disorderly crowd, and I'd passed the only finish line I'd thought about for two years. My advice for those of you standing where I was? Don't think too far ahead. Just look at the next step. And do that. Things seem to figure themselves out from there. 


Self-publish or find an agent?

I was fortunate enough to have a third option. A bridge between the two. I cannot tell you how valuable this choice was. Ørma would not be the book it is without the support, guidance and wisdom of Silver Crow. To be honest, I'm not sure it would be a book at all. And after much advice and discussion and coffee, I chose to self-publish with Troubador. Working with them has helped me grow up, establish my brand and sharpen my act. 

Silver Crow is a Frome Writers’ Collective imprint and an innovative addition to the world of publishing. It offers members:

  • a middle way between traditional publishing and ‘going it alone’, including:

  • support for authors in their journey towards publication

  • a cost-effective evaluation of manuscripts with a written report

  • discounts with reputable self-publishing partners

  • use of the Silver Crow Books quality logo

  • collective promotional and marketing opportunities


​Silver Crow is an advisory service run by the Frome Writers’ Collective. It was set up to provide FWC members with a cost-effective service and stepping stone on the journey to getting published. All books submitted to Silver Crow are screened by trained readers and an FWC trustee, with a final report then discussed with the writer. Those authors whose books meet the brand criteria are entitled to use the Silver Crow logo, indie-publish with selected publishing partners and participate in joint marketing opportunities.
Silver Crow believe this concept offers a friendly alternative to the often daunting task of producing and promoting your masterpiece in isolation.
They are currently seeking submissions from writers of adult, Y.A. and children’s fiction and non-fiction.

For enquiries, email or phone: or 01373 452541

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