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Who is Jac Forsyth?

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As a speculative fiction writer, I'm daringly hopeful for the future




At the age of eleven, I read News from Nowhere by William Morris. A book that changed my mind. The narrator described a future utopia, and as anyone who grew up in the 1970s knows, the future was a very worrying time. Armed with nothing but the book, an extensive knowledge of Star Trek and a huge crush on my history teacher, I set out to save the world. In many ways the Mandolin series is a tribute to those three seemingly unconnected things. Each one significant in the life of shy eleven-year-old with frizzy hair, each one daringly hopeful for our future as a species. 

I write speculative fiction, short stories and liminal poetry, sometimes in the same paragraph. I started writing when I heard the slightly dodgy tale of how my great grandma met Jack the Ripper. Writing was a way to make sense of the story and of myself. 

I'm currently renovating my childhood home in Wiltshire. A time of ghosts and woodworm. 

Indie is a State of Mind 

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