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Jac Forsyth


A monster without a name is a terrible thing

28th July 2024


Abstract Shapes

Ørma is the opening tale in the Mandolin series, where Homo sapiens lose their status as the most intelligent species on Earth. True to form, they manage to shrug off this ego-crushing discovery by becoming obsessed with a reality TV show.

Why grapple with an existential crisis when there's prime time entertainment to be had?

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Desert Dunes

"This book is ambitious and relevant and at the same time readable, funny, and entertaining"


"Names seem gender free and it's a relief to read them as people not cliches"

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Ørma is a soft sci-fi set in the near future, so less about spaceships and more about humans. It’s military as in there’s a war and some of the characters are soldiers, but it’s also about D&D, reality TV and self-aware furniture. Anyone turning up for hard sci-fi will be wildly disappointed at the lack of subspace physics. 

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