This is one of my favourite things. Conversion will depend on your style of writing and desired outcome. A good script isn't necessarily a shoe-in for a screenplay. When it works it's brilliant. Send some sample pages and I'll have a look at what's possible. 


Ghostwriting is as much about establishing a good working relationship as telling the story. This is the one time when an initial meeting is crucial. We need to know that we are a good fit and share the same vision for your work. This meeting will ideally happen in person but can be done via video link. There is a charge of £30 for this first meeting, but the cost is refunded if we decide to work together. I also like to set up regular meetings during the ghostwriting process. These meetings are included in the fee. 


Research from libraries, archives, museums and internet sources includes MHRA referencing. If you don't have the time or the resources tell me what you need. 


General formatting advice and conversion, for manuscripts and submission packages.

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