Social Media? 

Want a hand to hold? 

Ten years ago no one was worried about social media, now it seems like a writer can't possibly succeed without it. There are even horror stories of agents refusing to consider a submission unless the author has a 6 figure following across more than one platform. 

The truth is that social media was always meant to be fun, it is purely about connection, conversation and community through interactive interest groups. We used to have 6 degrees of separation, thanks to social media, we now have 3.7. 

I work with clients who have never used social media before and I build websites and establish blogs for people who have no idea what they even want. By the end of the process they're enjoying social media, editing their own sites and making contacts all over the world. 

There is a lot of hand holding through this process. I concentrate on building you an on line presence that's intentional and productive in the way you want it to be. I also make it easy and accessible. You get walk through maintenance manual with websites, social media platforms & blogs so you can happily update your status, add to your website & blog about the pitfalls of filter coffee without accidentally starting world war 3.  

start where you are do what you can

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SOCIAL MEDIA building & utilising your on line presence 


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