Rates for editorial services 


As standard practice I'll ask for a sample of your work. This service is free of charge. It gives me an idea of where you are, whether you even need an editor and what the likely costs might be. Anything you send will be treated as confidential. 


Otherwise I'm keeping this simple. Submission package rates are fixed*. Manuscript and ghostwriting fees vary depending on the length and type of project. The quotes below are to give you an idea of the costs involved.

Agent submissions 

Review & edit   

  • Cover letter - £35

  • Synopsis - £200

  • Sample chapters - £200 


Submission package review & edit 

  • Cover letter, synopsis and sample chapters - £400 

Need help with writing? 

  • Full submission package from start to finish - £1000

Manuscript editing

The cost of a full manuscript edit will depend on your manuscript length and how much editing it needs. General rate is £15 per 1000 words.

Turnaround time depends on my workload and the work needed. To give you an idea, a 50,000 word script takes 7 days. 

Developmental editing

Developmental editing is a collaborative, intuitive and organic process. As such the cost will vary depending on what level of support you need.  

An initial face-to-face meeting is strongly advised. This meeting is free of charge and gives us a chance to see if we can work together. It can be done in person or via video chat depending on distance.

Subsequent meetings and calls are charged at £30 per half hour. 


A standard novel takes around 6 months to print ready, and runs at around £8,000 

*This fixed fee assumes the standardised agency requirements of a single sided A4 cover letter, A4 single sided synopsis and 3 sample chapters. For more complex or simpler submission packages, fees will vary. 

Rates for creative development 

Website rates quoted are for a basic, single page site, contact form, cookie alert and generic privacy policy. PowerPoint price quoted is for an hour-long presentation with around 20 slides. Rates vary depending on the length and slide content. 

All new social media, websites, PowerPoints and blogs come with a good supply of hand holding, and a walk through maintenance guide included as standard. 

Social Media 

Platforms & on-line presence

  • Setting up Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts - £50 

  • Establishing your blog - £100


  • Design & build from £150​ 

  • Review and editorial overhaul £150

Website package

  • Website design, build and content edit from £250


  • Book launch consultation £50​ 

  • PowerPoint presentation £70

  • PowerPoint development & content £300

Book covers, illustrations & design 

Costs are dependent on how much input you need. To give you some idea, a single illustration jacket for a standard paperback runs at around £150. 

Services include: 

  • Consultation 

  • Jacket design

  • Concept ideas and artwork 

  • Illustration 

Contacting me 


Email me and tell me about your project. What are you writing? How long is your manuscript? Tell me about your social media or website requirements. I usually follow up by asking to see a sample of your work and may set up an initial telephone or video meeting depending on your project. 

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