Why choose me? 


I always remember talking to a guy who'd written a novel, sent it to an agent and had it rejected. He never managed to move forward from that point. I spoke to him the day before he died and he said that he wished he'd had it published. It broke my heart. I never wanted that to happen to anyone again. 


Literary agents are an audience in the same way that readers are an audience. You have to find out what they want and then give it to them in a way they don't expect. 


As an editor my roots are in display & design, which might not seem like the perfect background for creative literature. but design is a skill that requires a creative overview - the ability to bridge the gap between what a client wants and what their audience wants.

There can sometimes be an unconscious desire to fail. Failure is easy, as writers we all know what to do with failure. We have no idea how to cope with success.  


You've written the story. Everything you do from now on is about building your brand. I work primarily with authors pitching to agents and self-publishing authors. I specialise in copy editing for both fiction and non-fiction books. Submission packages and manuscript editing make up the largest portion of my work. I’ve also worked on non-fiction projects and promotional content for self-published authors as well as social media and website development.


You may be a first-time author preparing to pitch to an agent or an entrepreneur looking to clarify their website. I can help you understand your audience and establish your brand. 

The next step 

Take a deep breath. Email me with a brief overview of what you need. If your project is polished and professional or you're doing everything right, I won't offer my consulting services and I won't charge a fee. I'll also give you advice on approaching agents or the next steps towards self-publishing at no cost. If I find that you would benefit from editorial guidance, I'll be happy to review a sample of your work and talk through your needs and requirements, my fee, and a suggested turnaround time. If you're happy with the proposal I'll send you a purchase order and client agreement. A payment of 25% of the quoted price is required upon receipt of the agreement. The balance is due upon completion. 

I'm also in favour of total transparency and you need to have an idea of costs before you email me. You can find examples of commission bundles and fees HERE.

Also have a good read through the terms and conditions.


Any questions, please email me 

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